The Difference Between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Both the wedding ring and the engagement ring symbolize the engagement of the couple. But these two types of rings have the same design, meaning, and purpose on two completely different occasions.

Engagement rings

In two types of rings, the engagement ring will be the first used in the couple’s love journey. When a girl agrees to live with her for the rest of her life, the boys will have to propose and then the engagement ring will be a pretty engagement ring.


The boy will prepare a small party or space for two people to give the ring and propose to his lover. If the girl accepts the engagement ring and wears it, she has made a “tacit decision” that she accepts the offer and will stick with her for a lifetime with the owner of the ring with a wedding soon. possible.


In fact, engagement rings are popular in the West and in the last few years, this particular ring has been popular with the Asians and Vietnamese. Until now, the engagement rings have only one and only for women, rare cases where both couples wear engagement rings.


In terms of style, most engagement rings are type rings, not as smooth circles as wedding rings. On the engagement ring is usually placed a stone, if the economic conditions, the guy can give engagement ring diamond encrusted, or gemstone. The most common engagement ring is usually a single gemstone, a color, a style that depends primarily on the girl’s preference.


Today, engagement rings are quite diverse because of the needs and interests of the girls are also richer. Rings can be embossed with various types of stone or decoratively and the boys are not afraid to put a favorite engagement ring, with the precious stone to please the lover.


Wedding rings

Unlike engagement rings, wedding rings are used in a more important event, which is the wedding day. The ring is a clever statement to everyone that the couple is bonded and will live together. Wedding rings are considered to symbolize bonding in marriage, expressing the happy love of a newlywed couple and a clear message about the status of the ring’s wearer.


Wedding rings have been known all over the world for many years and are indispensable. In terms of quantity, wedding rings always must go in pairs, consisting of two and have the same ornament in the same or the most common. regulations.


In terms of style, the wedding ring is different from the engagement ring. If engagement rings are elaborately decorated, with emphasis on fine details, the stone, the opposite, wedding rings are quite simple to fit both the bride and groom. Most wedding rings are smooth circular rings, with no overlap.


At present, many brides and brides who like to wear sophisticated wedding rings are delicate but keep the classic look. Wedding rings can be attached to one or more submerged stones to enhance the softness of the ring. The jewelry professionals make the wedding rings personal signature when the engraved name or wedding day into the ring.

In addition to the differences, wedding rings and engagement rings have in common the material. Both types of rings can use materials such as gold, white gold, platinum. In addition, these two types of rings have another common point, which is worn on the finger pressure.

Many brides wonder about wearing engagement rings after the wedding because they do not want to take engagement rings. To solve this problem, many people choose to wear both an engagement ring and a wedding ring on their finger at the same time. In addition, some brides choose to move the engagement ring to the right thumb of the right hand and wear the wedding ring on the left thumb of the left hand.

For most couples, because they have not adopted engagement culture before the wedding day and want to save money, the majority grooms only use a pair of wedding rings for use on the wedding day, while They will prepare romantic actions and their own space.