Dazzling with four Gems more Expensive than Diamond

When it comes to gemstones, most of us think that diamonds are of the first category in terms of value and quality. But in fact, there are many kinds of precious stones … rarer than diamonds.

Let’s look at their identities below that, for the time being, the price of beautiful natural diamonds ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 6,000 per carat. Click here to shop the most affordable diamond ring you can find online.

more expensive than diamonds

  1. Red diamonds

Red diamonds are the rarest diamonds among the colored diamonds. The world’s largest red diamond weighs only 5.11 carats (about 1gr) and in the world, only about 20-30 red diamonds are still certified.

This rare stone is not merely crimson or magenta but purple. In terms of size and weight, red diamonds are one of the most expensive diamonds in the world – with prices ranging from $ 1 to $ 2.5 million per carat.

  1. Alexandrite Emerald

Alexandrite is famous for its exotic optical properties when it is possible to change colors depending on the surrounding light. With different angles, you will see that the gemstone possesses different beautiful colors.

If in natural sunlight, this stone will be light green, but when placed under the light bulb, it will turn red.

Alexandrite belongs to the same gem family with emeralds. Alexandrite’s color variability is due to the extremely rare combination of minerals including titanium, iron, and chromium.

Most Alexandrite stones are quite small, under a carat. For tablets of one carat or more, their cost varies from 50,000 to 1,000,000 per carat.

  1. Painite

First discovered by English mineralogist Arthur C.D. Pain in the 1950s, Painite has always been at the top of the world’s list of rare stones with only two stones found.

By 2005, scientists had found only 25 samples of Painite on the planet. Thus, the Guinness Book of Records recognized Painite as the world’s most rare mineral in 2005.

Today, Painite is no longer a rarity. It has found a mineral mine in Myanmar, which is considered the origin of the stone.

However, Painite is still on the list of the most precious minerals on Earth. Thus, the price of Painite is quite high – about $ 60,000 / carat.

  1. Grandidierite

This rare greenish-green speck is found mainly in the Madagascar Peninsula and is named after the explorer, the natural French historian – Alfred Grandidier.

Like Alexandrite, Grandidierite rocks can change color. It can turn from blue to green or white. With only a few hundred stones remaining, Grandidierite’s price is over $ 20,000 / carat.