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The Reasons Why Beverly Diamonds have no Rip-off Report

The Reasons Why Beverly Diamonds have no Rip-off Report

The diamond ring is not something anyone buys lightly because diamonds cost more than any other gem. For a reason, people stay careful when it comes to selecting what to buy. Staying alerted involves getting a good idea of the color, carat, cut and clarity […]

Men and Diamond Ring – Not an Easy Task to Choose

Men and Diamond Ring – Not an Easy Task to Choose

Men vs Women when choosing diamond rings For men, whether the ring is beautiful or bad, expensive or cheap, it must promote the role to let others know who you are. What is your style? And your position in the society? So, try to “understand” […]

Custom Designing A Diamond Ring For Your Fiancée

When it comes to buying a diamond ring for your fiancée, you might not be able to find the exact ring you had in mind. You might be looking for a ring that looks the same or very similar to the engagement ring of your […]

About White Gold Diamonds

It is quite true that people’s tastes for diamonds jewelleries are changing rapidly. Since a few years, it seems that many people are after white gold diamond jewelleries, but the truth is that only a few people know what white gold diamond really is. According […]

Benefits Of Buying Diamonds From Online Stores

Nowadays, most people prefer shopping on the internet instead of visiting a local store. It is mainly because they can get the desired products delivered to their doorsteps. But did you know diamonds could also be bought in the same way? Interestingly, some of the […]

All About Fancy Green Diamonds

If you are looking for some rarest varieties of diamonds, then do check out fancy green diamonds. It is one of the most exquisite gemstones and is rarely found in diamond stores. However, if you get hold of one, be rest assured that these diamonds […]

Why Are Cushion Cut Diamonds A Favorite Choice Of Many

Diamonds are available in numerous shapes and sizes. You have a wide range of options to choose from whenever you go shopping for some diamond jewelry. Among the different types of diamonds though, Cushion cut diamonds are the most popular ones. These diamonds are widely […]