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Getting Engaged – What to do

Getting Engaged – What to do

Getting engaged is a big step that requires something to signify the love you have for each other. There are many ways to show your love to each other and the most common way is for people to  purchase an engagement ring that includes a […]

Creativity at its best

Creativity at its best

Creativity at its best A creative mental process is so boundless that it constantly surprises us. Creativity can be found in everything visible to a person’s sight. Although we have a definition of creativity that many people accept – the ability to produce something that […]

Some Interesting Facts About Raw Diamonds

Most people are less likely to have seen a raw diamond. Raw diamonds are the original form of diamonds. In fact, it is what you get from the mine. Raw diamonds are purchased by jewelers. They cut and the polish them before selling them to […]

Are Beverly Diamonds Scam Reports Fabricated

Diamonds scam reports are not a new thing in the market. The worst part is that there are fabricated scam reports even against reliable diamonds sellers like Beverly Diamonds. Interestingly, none of the Beverly Diamonds scam reports have been proved yet. In fact, the lack […]

Exchange Old Diamonds And Get Market Value

Whether you want to buy, sell, or exchange diamonds, Beverly Diamonds gives you the best option and deals. Beverly Diamonds’ transparent diamond appraisal service helps you assess your diamond correctly and get it the original market value. What to remember while selling or exchanging diamonds? […]

Beverly Diamonds Scam Reports Are Fake – Customers

Diamonds are loved by everyone. Who would not wish to present a diamond ring to his better half? By presenting diamond jewelry to your loved one, you show how much you love them. It is quite unfortunate but true that people’s weakness for diamonds is […]

How To Reassure Yourself That Your Diamond Is Of The Best Quality

These days it’s important to make sure to buy only certified diamonds. Several agencies such as the GIA, AGS, IGI and IDC grade diamonds based on standard factors. The quality of the diamond is checked on these factors before the stone is certified. Only after […]