Tips to Buy Vintage Set Asscher Engagement Ring

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Numerous brides today select vintage rings for their big day. One among the choices that they make is the Asscher cut diamond rings in the vintage style. If you are planning to choose this kind of ring for your engagement, make sure that you buy from a trustworthy diamond seller like Beverly diamonds. The products sold by Beverly diamonds are quality-assured and genuine. This has been approved and acknowledged by many of the customers in their Beverly diamonds reviews.

Here are some of the tips, which can help you in selecting the ideal antique Asscher cut engagement ring.

Choose The Era You Prefer

It was in the 20th century that Asscher cut diamond rings became very popular. In the 1920s, this kind of ring became highly in demand. Most of the vintage style rings available today would be inspired by the Art Deco era style or the Edwardian era style. You need to choose as to which style you want to have. You can have a soft vintage look if you choose to have a ring inspired by the Edwardian era. On the other hand, a sharp vintage feel accompanies an Art Deco-inspired ring.

Choose Other Gemstones If Necessary

You may observe that many of the vintage rings feature other gemstones along with the center diamonds. Therefore, in your attempt to get a vintage-inspired Asscher ring, you can use many gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, which go very well with the Asscher cut diamond.

Choose Metal Color Wisely

The color of an Asscher cut diamond can be much more easily recognized than other diamond cuts. Therefore, you must consider the color grade of the Asscher cut diamond seriously. The color grade that you choose must be complementary to the setting. Platinum and white gold would cause the color of the diamond to be emphasized. Meanwhile, using rose gold or yellow gold in the setting will help hide the color in the diamond. You will be able to get the ring for a lesser price if you choose to have rose gold or yellow gold metal in the setting.

Make the Diamond Appear Larger

In comparison with other diamond shapes, the surface area of an Asscher cut diamond is very small. Therefore, an Asscher cut diamond of particular carat weight may look smaller than a diamond in another cut with the same carat weight. To overcome this, remember to choose a setting that is vintage-inspired and which helps to make the diamond appear bigger on the ring.

Follow these tips so that you would not have to struggle in buying the right vintage inspired Asscher diamond engagement ring for your partner.