The Features of a Rose Cut Diamond

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The rose cut diamond is of the vintage style but has gained popularity in the recent time. Many modern brides choose to wear the vintage style rose-cut diamond rings. The engagement rings received by Jennifer Aniston and Camila Alves had rose cut diamonds on them.

The rose cut diamond is often considered similar to the round brilliant cut of the modern time. However, the only similarity the rose cut has with a round brilliant diamond is in its shape. Both of the cuts are circular.

History of the Rose Cut

It is a cut, which is about 500 years old. Since this was the design used for round cut diamonds in the beginning, it can be considered as the precursor to the round brilliant cut of the present day. It was only later that Marcel Tolkowsky came up with the round brilliant cut which can provide more brilliance to the diamond. The rose cut got its name because of the appearance of the diamond facets in the form of rose petals.

The rose cut diamonds have fewer facets compared to other cuts. It should also be noted that the bottom of the diamond would be flat in a rose cut. Though the rose cut is not generally preferred by people, those who are interested in the vintage style rings opt for rose cut diamonds even today.

The 4c’s of a Rose Cut Diamond Ring

A rose cut diamond has only 24 facets and has a flat bottom. They do not have the conical cut, which is a feature in the round brilliant diamonds. Therefore, while the cut is shiny, it is not as brilliant as the round brilliant cut.

The rose cut is more amazing when used on fancy colored diamonds. The diamonds with much yellow tint will look amazing when rose cut. It gives a vintage feel when used with lower color ratings.

There are rose cut stones available with and without flaws. The buyer can choose the one he wants.

Usually, all carat sizes are suitable for a rose cut. The price of the rose cut might be more if it is a vintage or antique one.

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