Important Attributes of a Diamond That Makes It Brilliant

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Important Diamond Attributes

A diamond’s cut is responsible for the sparkle and brilliance you see in it. This is called light performance. It includes factors like refraction, reflection, and dispersion. The higher the quality and uniformity of a diamond’s reflection, the better the diamond would be, simply because it leads to better showcasing of light. This contributes to a better appearance. Read on to understand more about the light performance of diamonds and the important components included in it. As always, also make sure you purchase the diamonds after careful consideration of Beverly Diamonds BBB reviews.


As a diamond is twisted at different angles, a part of the light bounces off the surface of the facets instead of bouncing inside the stone. This is referred to as reflection. Usually, 17% of the light is reflected from the diamond. Note that the reflections have to be in a balanced state. If the facets are too big, you may be able to observe that the reflections get stronger or weaker. This will make the diamond appear dull.


Perfectly cut diamonds have a property that after the light enters the stone, it bounces around before bending and exiting from the top of the diamond. This process is called diamond refraction. Diamonds have a 2.41 score of refractive index. This is comparatively high and is responsible for the sparkly nature of diamonds. In diamonds with ideal cut, refraction can be noticed easily. If a diamond if cut ideally, light undergoes perfect reflection inside it.


You may have noticed that you get to see all the colors of a rainbow when you observe the insides of a diamond. This is caused by dispersion. When light reflects around in a jewel, curves, and after that leaks out back to your eye, the diamond’s dispersion is estimated at 0.44. It is usually known as the fire inside a jewel. The ability to view each one of these hues is what makes diamonds a remarkable object. No gemstone or diamond simulants commonly have a similar wonderful scattering property that diamonds have. Hence, diamond is regarded as the most important and beautiful choice for jewelry and engagement rings.

The combination of reflection, refraction, and dispersion gives diamonds their typical brilliance and fire. It is advisable to consider buying a diamond with the optimum degree of all three attributes. Remember the above information when you consider selecting a diamond from a list of choices.