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by Adrian on Beverly Diamonds
Excellent Customer Service

Beverly Diamonds helped clarify every doubt I had regarding this ring. I knew so little about diamonds that it was proving to be tough for me to choose one for my ring. However, Beverly Diamonds has educational content on diamonds, and reading that helped me make this choice. I still had doubts regarding lab-made diamonds, so I talked about this with Beverly’s consultant. I was able to do all this through their online chat application, and their consultants are always ready to answer our doubts. Initially, I thought some bot would be giving the answers, but there is a knowledgeable person at the other end to take customer queries.

by Samuel on Beverly Diamonds
Thanks a Ton!

I am writing this to thank Beverly Diamonds for helping my wife pick a diamond ring that suits her. She was not sure which metal is right for her. She is allergic to some metals, so she had a chat with Beverly Diamonds’ consultant about this matter. Finally, she chose a platinum band for the diamond setting. She told me that platinum is a hypoallergenic material. Had it not been for your advice, I am sure she would not have known which one to pick. Many stores have great prices and a stunning collection like you have, but few others provide such a personal customer service.

by Emma Emily on Beverly Diamonds
Service Quality

I came to Beverly diamonds searching for a wedding band in and felt very invited from the minute I arrived. I had gone to two different stores before visiting this one and did not get the degree of administrations and client care that Sam gave us. I gave him my value range and he gave choices within, or above my range. This was exceptionally helpful in comparing and understanding the distinctions in rings. I had no idea about rings and he educated me on everything. After clarifying what my life partner preferred, he worked superbly at giving me alternatives and at last, with his assistance, I selected the ideal ring for her. She totally adored the ring and is getting compliments all the time. Much thanks Beverly diamonds

by Penny Albritton on Beverly Diamonds
Ability to create

I got excellent service, and a brilliant marriage ring set specially designed for my life partner. Josh is a skilled worker who made my partner feel extraordinary. Josh made this exceptional marriage set beginning at a model outline. He followed with a genuine model made of plastic, followed by the last ring set made with rose gold and GIA cut diamonds. Josh met each one of my demands for a stand-out ring. If you are searching for an incredible gem specialist who realizes how to make a wonderful, custom ring for your life partner, you can call Josh at any time. I am pretty impressed and I am sure you will be too. I suggest Beverly Diamonds to all my friends and family.

by Abigail on Beverly Diamonds
Most Stunning Gemstone Ring I Ever Got

I am writing this to thank Beverly Diamonds for the wonderful gemstone ring I got in the mail the other day. To say that I am surprised by the beauty of its gem would be an understatement. I am actually in shock as I had not thought this could be so stunning. I had been seeking a blue gemstone for a while and you helped me realize my dream of acquiring one. I know that most ladies dream of a diamond ring, but this blue gemstone was what I always wanted. Thank you once again for the beauty and exceptional quality of this ring.

by Richard on Beverly Diamonds
Great Tennis Bracelet

I am writing this on behalf of my wife to thank you for having this stunning bracelet shipped to her timely. The description says, it has princess cut diamonds, whose carat weight total 1 Ct. The price of this piece is about $3,500, and I have to thank Beverly Diamonds for this. They are giving it at a price that is lesser than what is available in my area. I choose 18 karat white gold, although note that they also have this bracelet made of yellow gold (both 14 and 18 karats) and platinum. I feel the white metal variant looks more stylish and sophisticated.

by Brendon on Beverly Diamonds
Could Not Have Asked For More!

I had this engagement ring custom-made by Beverly Diamonds designers. I had it made for my fiancée. I am fully satisfied with my entire experience with Beverly, and so is she. Her ring was completed right when Beverly Diamonds said they would be. Besides, the shipment arrived in double quick time! My girl was overjoyed when I proposed to her with this. She said it is the dream ring she had in mind all this while. I could not be happier with you guys. We only need a simple wedding band the next time we purchase from you, and we believe you have it in your collection. Sad it will not be a custom-made piece like this one, though.

by Daisy on Beverly Diamonds
Gorgeous Pendant Necklace

I bought this pendant necklace a few days ago from Beverly Diamonds website. It arrived inside a few days of purchasing, so I have no complaints regarding delivery. How could I have them when I’ve got free shipping, and some additional perks to go with it. The other day I put it on and realized how much I am fond of it. I have to tell you that it has been a great addition for dress down and dressy days. I could take it to any function I go. I love this pendant, among other things that I have bought earlier online.

by Andrea on Beverly Diamonds
Wonderful Range of Ethical Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds have an exceptional collection of “conflict-free” diamonds. Initially, I had no idea what this term means, so I asked one of their workers through their website live chat application. They were quick to respond and gave me some useful insights about diamonds, which would always be helpful for me. Without having to get too much into technical details, let us just say these are the purest, most ethical diamonds out there. Ethicality is important to me. I do not even watch pirated movies, so avoiding such diamonds was very important for me. I am glad to know that Beverly Diamonds has the same policy when it comes to sourcing diamonds.

by Zachary on Beverly Diamonds
Great Platinum Ring

Before visiting Beverly Diamonds, I knew exactly what I wanted. It is just the carat weight that I had to decide based on my budget. Thankfully, Beverly offers some great daily deals that helped me save a lot on my ring. I knew that men like me would prefer a solitaire ring and white metal band. Seeing the attractive deals at Beverly Diamonds, I was tempted to go for a slightly bigger carat rock than what I had in mind. So I chose a 1.50-carat diamond mounted in a platinum band. I am comfortable wearing platinum as it does not cause allergies as gold does.

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