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About Diamonds Reviews and why we are reputable

Diamonds Reviews is not like another jewelry review websites that are run by a mere intern or people that do not have any knowledge of jewelry industry. We are actual jewelers who live in Toronto, Canada and got educated with real hands-on experience in Diamond Jewelry, and eventually nestled in the heart of Los Angeles Diamond District. With custom jewelers and certified GIA Gemologists, we have access to exceptional knowledge and real experience in diamond jewelry NYC spanning over ten years.

Our direct diamond reviewers, coupled with the exciting and pleasant reviews experience we provide our customers, has made us a reputable in this market we serve. Our reviewers are important because we want visitors to be fun, happy, empowered and committed.

Our efforts range from simple reviews on diamonds quality and diamonds store in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles to in-depth reviews of many other jewelry accessories. We also want to bring together many members of the jewelry community to discuss and comment on our diamond reviews.

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Many companies we work with are famous brands such as Beverly Diamonds, Auction Diamonds, Partner DD, and many more. We are here to stay and want our customers knowing that, and have a place they can fall back on to get proper and unbiased jewelry reviews.

We are a growing company and have added staff over the last two years and keep adding. We rely on our social media following and simple people who enjoy and like to read reviews about jewelry companies, whether it is to make a decision on where to buy from or it just for knowledge. regardless we stay committed to our jobs and would like to thank all the people and donors that support us do our jobs properly.