Why You Should Not Buy Lab Made Diamonds

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Just because lab grown diamonds are created in the lab does not mean you should dismiss man-made diamonds as being fake. Lab created diamonds are actually made of the same exact material as regular natural diamonds, 99% pure carbon. The very first thing you should know is that lab grown diamonds or man-made diamonds are still real diamonds. Beverly Diamonds Customers love how they can get natural diamonds still at a wholesale price. However they are just created inside laboratories and not mined from the bowels of the Earth. They have the exact chemical composition as that of a natural diamonds and both are pure crystalline carbon. Lab created diamonds are made in the laboratory by two different processes.  One of them is called the chemical vapor deposition process and the other one is called the process of lab produced High Temperature High Pressure.

The few main differences between natural diamonds which occur in nature and lab grown diamonds are in size and color. While the manufacturing process of synthetic diamonds or lab created diamonds takes place in the presence of a large amount of nitrogen, the resulting diamonds usually have a very slight yellow tint that is almost impossible to remove or alter. Beverly Diamonds Customers love that Beverly Diamonds does not use lab grown diamonds, and only use real diamonds. A naturally formed diamond which has been mined and after cut and then polished and they can be completely colorless, white diamonds. The truth is that colorless natural diamonds are much more expensive than color treated diamonds. Most lab grown diamonds can be manufactured in the absence of nitrogen which result in a colorless diamond, but this considerably slows the crystal growth.

The problem is the size limit when creating a manmade diamond is also a lot less than a naturally formed diamond. Colorless lab created diamonds usually can only be manufactured up to about half a carat, while yellowish lab grown diamonds can be produced up to three carats in size. Beverly Diamonds Customers love how they can order colorless F diamonds online. Naturally formed diamonds may be found in much larger carat sizes and some natural diamonds can be larger than 600 carats.


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