Why Are Cushion Cut Diamonds A Favorite Choice Of Many

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Diamonds are available in numerous shapes and sizes. You have a wide range of options to choose from whenever you go shopping for some diamond jewelry. Among the different types of diamonds though, Cushion cut diamonds are the most popular ones. These diamonds are widely used by celebrities, and this has further increased its popularity recently.

Why choose Cushion cut diamonds

One of the major attractions of cushion cut diamonds is their romantic look. Cushion cut diamonds are also known as Pillow cut diamonds, because they have a round shape with a square outline, which gives it a “pillow” shape. Despite the fact that trendy designs have been incorporated in modern diamond jewelry, Cushion cut diamonds still follow the same antique forms. You can find a wide range of such royal diamond jewelries at the Beverly Diamonds website.

The rectangular shape of Cushion cut diamonds can vary a lot. However, the length to breadth ratio, which is 1.1:1.2, is considered the standard dimension for Cushion cut diamonds. Some of the examples of Cushion cut diamonds that are famous all over the world include Cullinan 2, Tiffany Yellow, and Hope Diamond. Some online sellers like the Beverly Diamonds offer a wide selection of these brilliantly cut diamonds.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds
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If you do not like the modern Princess cut diamonds or Round or Oval ones, then Cushion cut diamonds can be a good substitute. Cushion cut diamonds sparkle by returning a high degree of light, which makes it a popular choice of many.

When it comes to Color in Cushion cut diamonds, many people go for the warmer colors of G-H grade, while the colorless D-F varieties also have a great share of choice. On the other hand, when it comes to Clarity, the individual tastes of people differ a lot. Some buyers might be comfortable in going for a Cushion cut diamond ring or pendant, which have small inclusions that are not visible to the naked eyes. Others might demand for perfect and flawless stones. But no matter what your need is, Beverly Diamonds provides Cushion cut diamonds of all shades and clarity.

Cushion cut diamonds were earlier known as old mine cut diamonds. It has been almost 200 years since the cushion cut diamonds have been introduced. Experts at Beverly Diamonds say that the de facto shapes of diamonds until the 20th century were Cushion cut, and this shows how popular this diamond was during that period.

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