Beverly Diamonds Experience

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The Beverly Diamonds experience is truly something amazing and special. Beverly Diamonds is everywhere, they sell everything, and you can just go to them and have fun browsing. They are the ultimate shopping experience. Why? What is it that makes the Beverly Diamonds experience so attractive to customers? They must have a secret. What is it?

I went to observe the phenomenon called The Beverly Diamonds experience. I claimed the center seat in the showroom and started looking around. Beverly Diamonds has a simple but elegant store. The store is located across to floors. The top floor is only a partial floor as some of it is only accessible to employees. The general store looks like a loft. The middle is open so you can see from one floor to another.

While sitting in the chair at Beverly Diamonds, thoughts began to dawn on me. Maybe the décor is simple but elegant so that nothing distracts the eyes from the displays in each glass counter. The simple colors and basic shapes are so natural that the mind barely registers their existence. The beautiful sparkling diamonds sitting inside the glass is then free to grab the attention. With that thought in mind, I considered the open second story. I think it plays an enormous role in the mood. Because of the open space, the shoppers at Beverly Diamonds feel free and not claustrophobic. A closed in level might have given a dark squashed feeling which will subconsciously prevent shoppers from enjoying themselves. That leads me to another observation about the Beverly Diamonds experience. The Beverly Diamonds store is mostly lit by natural sunlight streaming in through the massive overhead skylights. The natural light energizes shoppers and puts them in better moods. The marble floor in the store is relieved by leafy green plants. They also add to the natural feel achieved with the skylights. The Beverly Diamonds experience is really something special.

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