Some Interesting Facts About Raw Diamonds

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Beverly Diamonds Scam
Beverly Diamonds Scam Reports

Most people are less likely to have seen a raw diamond. Raw diamonds are the original form of diamonds. In fact, it is what you get from the mine. Raw diamonds are purchased by jewelers. They cut and the polish them before selling them to end-users. Normally, the raw diamonds are sold at the international markets.

If you chance to be curious about diamonds or how they are processed, the basic lesson you should learn is to identify raw diamonds. It should be noted that only a trained eye could identify raw diamonds. Professional jewelers are best at indentifying them. If you are a diamond enthusiast, here are certain tips to identify raw diamonds.

Remember that it is not necessary to know about raw diamonds if your ultimate aim is to buy a pure diamond. You can always get pure diamonds from reputed online diamonds sellers like Beverly Diamonds. Being a reputed diamond seller, Beverly Diamonds is seldom associated with any Beverly Diamonds scam reports. But, if you run across any Beverly Diamonds scam reports, report it to the seller. It will help the seller to take legal actions against the spreaders of such scams.

To check raw diamonds, get a jewelers loupe or a magnifying glass and check the shape of the diamond. Although there is no specific shape for raw diamonds, most of them will be in octahedral, macle or cubic shapes. Many of them look like two pyramids joined by the bases. The cube shaped raw diamonds will be in box structure with six sides while the macle shaped diamond will appear like a half of an octahedral raw diamond.

Minerals Within Raw Diamonds
Shapes Of Raw Diamonds

Round or multiple flat surfaces is the common sign observed with dodecahedron raw diamonds. In the opinion of gemologists at Beverly Diamonds, only the distorted version of a diamond will appear in dodecahedron shape.

Get any of the raw diamond and place it on white surface. Keep the magnifying glass above it and look for the inclusions. The inclusions are flaws that appear like cracks. These cracks reveal the formation of other minerals within raw diamonds.

Remember that there are many different ways to identify real raw diamonds. Unless you are a jeweler, you never have to be concerned about raw diamonds. What you must give importance to is the reliability of the seller. Because there are no proved Beverly Diamonds scam reports, you can buy your diamonds from the seller without a second thought.

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