Should I Rely on Beverly Diamonds RipOff Report

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Should I Rely on Beverly Diamonds RipOff Report

Around the holiday season last year, I decided to buy a wedding band/ring for my husband as a gift. I decided to go online in search for discounted rings and I found Beverly Diamonds’ website. Since I do not know much about them. I decided to research first before ordering.I was a little hesitant ordering from them because I never heard of Beverly Diamonds. I looked through some reviews and found some in the website called RipOff Reports. I saw a couple of unpleasant reviews there and I asked myself if I should rely on Beverly Diamonds RipOff Report.
I didn’t stop searching for other review sites. I know that a company cannot be branded as a bad company with just a few unpleasant reviews. Besides, in my research I found out that Beverly Diamonds is not even a new company. They have been operating for more than a decade. I decided to check these websites like Trustpilot, Reseller Ratings and Trustlink. I was surprised to see how many amazing reviews there are about them. So much more than the few reviews I saw at Ripoff Report. Their customer talked about their exceptional service, outstanding craftsmanship of the products, and expedite order processing. It made me think twice about relying on Beverly Diamonds Ripoff report.

For a company this big, I understand a few unsatisfied customers. But this doesn’t make a company bad. Beverly Diamonds is in fact a good online company. And so, I bought a ring from them. I requested to have it before the holiday to make sure I have time to wrap it. My husband was so happy when he received it. I made the right call to not to rely on Beverly Diamonds Ripoff report. Now, we are looking for a wedding set for me. Make sure to know everything when it comes to shopping online. Do not just look and rely on negative review sites.
As for me and my husband, we are both happy purchasing from Beverly Diamonds. I’ve had the best experience working with them.

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