Meaning of Diamond Shapes

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Selecting the diamond shape for your engagement ring is something to be considered as much as considering the quality of the stone. Many shapes have appeared now that is very appealing and very tempting to buy.

But what do these shapes mean?

Round Shape diamonds are more for traditional people. The round shape is the most popular shape of diamonds because it represents love without end. It is a classic piece beloved by many.

Oval Shape is nearly similar to the classic round shape diamond but has a wider side. Oval-shape diamonds represent fertility because it is likened to the shape of an egg.

Pear shape or teardrop shape represents individuality. A person who prefers such a shape is at times can be a trend-setter. Some may say that a teardrop shape can represent tears of sorrow, but they can also represent tears of joy.

Emerald diamonds are old fashioned but express elegance and sophistication. This shape also symbolizes an open-hearted and clear personality.

Princess cut diamonds showcases extravagance and shimmer. A person wearing it may have a risk-taker characteristic as well as a natural-born leader.

Heart Shape represents romance. This shape brings sentiments and fantasy and reveals the desire for a steady and strong relationship.

Marquise shape is a flashy shape. The design makes it look like a bigger diamond than it is. It can symbolize a desire for wealth and extravagance.

The radiant cut is blended with facets that make the diamond shine. It is flirty and very trendy. This unusual shape makes it sparkle very well and catches much attention.

Asscher shape diamonds appeal to a more vintage type. It is somewhat like an emerald shaped stone that represents elegance and sophistication amidst its traditional personality and looks. The cut was dedicated to King Edward VII by its maker Joseph Asscher. A diamond fit for a royal.

You can pick one shape, or play around with different shapes to put in your ring. The choice is yours to make. Just be sure that you are buying a diamond that is sourced right and priced right.

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