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It’s not too hard to find a good diamond ring inside a restricted budget, especially if you pay attention to a few important details. As it happens, there are four of these you should be concerned with: the carat, clarity, color, and cut of the stone. If you balance each of these and still keep the cost under budget, you know you’ve got a great deal.

This is one of the best ways to ensure you get value for money. You don’t hear any Beverly Diamonds complaints about the qualities of the diamonds they sell, because all of these traits are well balanced in each jewelry item. It’s not enough to simply get the heaviest stone you can find, but which looks less sparkly than the diamond you’d envisioned. This happens when you compromise too far on the color and clarity, which are similarly important factors that you need to consider.

Here’s a little about the clarity of diamonds. As you probably already know, there’s a grading system based on how clear a diamond is, and the clearer stones are usually the rarest. The clearest stone you can find would score an IF, and after that you have the VVS1. You won’t hear any Beverly Diamonds complaints about diamond clarity.

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If you’re in a tight budget and wish to stay there, you could buy something on a lower rung, like SI2, and this wouldn’t make a difference if the stone were already set in a ring or necklace. Not even a jeweler would know the difference from an IF, unless of course they have a microscope, and time to examine the stone. For stones of a higher quality, you should check out Beverly Diamonds. This is why there are no Beverly Diamonds complaints about the quality of jewelry bought off the website.

You could try and go lax with the color requirement too. D is the best color there is, but H is the last white color. The same way as using an SI2 clarity stone, you could get something closer to H in color, and this wouldn’t be readily distinguishable from a D stone.

Once you compromise on the color and clarity, you’re free to proportionally picky about the other two aspects: cut and carat. In other words, you have better options as to the shape and size of the diamond. You’ll hear no Beverly Diamonds complaints about either of these qualities in the diamonds sold online.

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