Finding Out The Worth Of Your Diamond Ring

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Beverly Diamonds Complaints
Valuing Your Diamonds

Valuing your diamond jewelry is an important part of knowing its market worth. You can have diamonds set in different metals, but gold is the most common choice of setting. Here are a few steps which will help you.

  • Check the inside of the ring band for any indication of the metal’s make. Under gold, you have two main types – yellow and white – with the measure of purity indicated by one of 14K, 18K, 22K, and 24K. If this is higher, the metal is worth more. You have symbols for platinum too, with 900Pt, Pt900, and 900Plat being found on the more valuable metal. You do not get any Beverly Diamonds complaints in this area.
  • Check out the four C’s of the diamond to be assured of its quality. These are the main physical properties consisting the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the stone. Under cut, you have different shapes like round, princess, marquis and oval. If you have an unconventional cut that looks better, the value of your diamond is likely high.
  • Look under good lighting to check out the color and clarity. If there is a visible color coming out of the diamond when light hits it, this is its color. Two of the commonly found hues are yellow and blue, but if you have dark smudges besides that, then you have spotted an imperfection. These set in naturally, and they bring down the value of the stone.

    Value Of Your Diamond
    Appraising Your Diamonds
  • The carat of the diamond is how much it weighs, and this decides a generous portion of the stone’s value. You can get from a ½-carat stone to a large 3-carat diamond. Examine it closely for dents and chips if you wish to approximate its vintage. All of this adds up to the final amount you pay for the ring. There are no Beverly Diamonds complaints about this either.
  • Get it appraised by a trusted jeweler. You can do this with Beverly Diamonds, by shipping the item to them. You do not see any Beverly Diamonds complaints in this regard, which is why they are a great option if you do not want to be seen walking into the local jeweler’s.

It is a good idea to get your diamond jewelry appraised by a jeweler you trust. If you are looking to buy, check out the Beverly Diamonds collection online. There are no Beverly Diamonds complaints about service, and you will find out why this is the case when you buy your first piece of jewelry from them.

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