Diamonds Are not Rare After All

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The Reasons Why Diamonds Are Not Rare

It turns out that diamonds may not be that rare after all, student researchers from the Johns Hopkins University revealed in a new case study. These smaller diamonds are hard to reach and very small, “Diamond formation is deep inside the Earth, the very deep Earth may be a more common process than we thought,” Is what Dr. Sverjensky said, a geochemist and x-ray crystallographer at Johns Hopkins University said in a recent news release. However acquiring these precious stones is the problem, it still requires them to be near the Earth’s surface for us to reach them. Beverly Diamonds Customers love the vast choice of diamonds they have online. Diamonds sometimes are transported from the deep depths of earth at which they form by specific volcanic eruptions and disturbances. We must also note that these diamonds which researchers are referring to are not those commonly used in engagement rings or other jewelry items. These are actually much smaller and cannot even be seen to the naked eye, they would be more for commercial use. Beverly Diamonds Customers are very happy that they can shop for diamonds from the comfort of their own home.


In this specific study, student researchers presented an alternative model for this diamond formation. They are proposing that theses stones could actually be formed in a very simple natural chemical reaction. Which means that the diamond formation could happen all the time, extremely deep within the earth’s crust. Beverly Diamonds Customers are always returning customers because of their unbeatable pricing.


As of now, we know that diamonds are known to form underneath very complex chemical reactions known specifically as “Redox Reactions”. There are an exchange in electrons as the various kinds of fluids move through rock which then oxidizes methane and chemically reduce the carbon dioxide. Beverly Diamonds Customers always leave positive reviews about their rings and the customer service. This chemical process is known to happen extremely deep inside the earth under immense pressure and very high temperatures.

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