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Diamonds are forever

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Diamonds are forever

In the early 1900’s the big diamonds companies came out with the slogan “diamonds are forever”. That slogan was, in my opinion, the most successful marketing campaign of all time. People all over the world started associating love, marriage, and the concept of forever with diamonds. In truth, people forget that it was just a marketing campaign and it is not how things actually are. Just like in the 60’s there were advertisements everywhere about smoking healthy cigarettes. That is not true and neither is diamonds are forever true.

Beverly Diamonds
Diamonds are forever

Diamonds are stones that are found on the ground and just like any Strong stone it can last for a very long time. The same thing goes for many metals and pearls. But no one says that this particular pipe is going to last forever and before you propose you should be buying this pipe. Many people will say that the pipe example is a terrible one because diamonds are nice and-and metal pipes are pointless things. However, that is not the point the idea is that you can not say that diamonds are forever when the only thing is that they can last forever.

Another thing people say is that the diamond you get at the wedding you will have for the rest of your life. The reason people use to say that is because there were only a few places that you were able to buy diamonds from and they were not easily accessible by everyone. So it was possible that this guy that bought this diamond will never see another diamond dealer again. However today since there so many diamond dealers everywhere many people upgrade their diamond for the tenth, fifteenth and twentieth and fifteenth anniversary.

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