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ISIS is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups out. Today we face many threats from them and this article explains just how serious the ISIS internet-terror threat really is. The Islamic State’s ability to create harmful cyberattack can lead to what our reading author Kenny described as internet-warfare. Although cyberattack are a scary situation I still do feel safe making purchases online, such as beverlydiamonds.com. They have a secure network and include an ssl on their website. Sites like BeverlyDiamonds make tech geeks like me feel confident making a purchase, not to mention they do sell amazing diamond jewelry.


This terrorist group is creating issues all over the world in 2015 and cyber-war-fare is a large possible threat. They are already producing the cyber fear throughout the world. The author writes “ISIS is an emerging online threat to keep a close watch on.”
Obama recently created an organization in efforts to stop the terror group and other terror groups from online threats.
There are many who fear what ISIS can do, especially in the U.S. The famous magazine Time had written that ISIS is extremely successful with the amount of popularity on social media they are receiving. This is what is making ISIS so dangerous, the use of cyber influence and the threat is just as real if they use it for more cyber-terror.
The article also mentions the fact that Iran is also a threat.
With the recent nuclear signing, the author suggests the need for a “cyber defense” force to be mad in the Middle East specifically. It does seem that there is a large terror focus in the Middle East and shutting them down technologies wise today may be one of the best defenses for not only cyber-terrorism but to shut down terrorist as a whole. Although ISIS is a real threat the online cyber-attacks are not as real.This is some of the ways to stay safe while on the internet. Another place to see some information is Beverly Diamonds. They have a huge selection of rings and other fine Jewelry.


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