Custom Designing A Diamond Ring For Your Fiancée

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When it comes to buying a diamond ring for your fiancée, you might not be able to find the exact ring you had in mind. You might be looking for a ring that looks the same or very similar to the engagement ring of your grandparents, or you might have seen a picture of a beautiful diamond ring somewhere and are now searching for the same model. If so, you should know that many reputed diamond sellers like Beverly Diamonds now offer custom-designed diamond rings to their customers. This means that you can choose everything from the type and shape of the stone, the metal to be used, the ring design, and so, and get the exact ring you had in mind.

How to make it happen

Diamond sellers like Beverly Diamonds make this easy by providing the options for designing a custom ring on their website. There, you can place the order for the ring after designing it according to your specifications. And, your custom-designed diamond ring will be delivered at your doorstep in a few days’ time.

Simply start by logging on to the Beverly Diamonds website, and click on the button for the custom-designing option. This will take you to a new webpage, where you will be asked to provide your contact information like your name, email address, phone number, etc. A price estimate for the custom-designed ring will be send to this email address later, when you have completed the designing process.

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Of course, Beverly Diamonds makes this whole process simpler by providing the options for uploading a picture of the diamond ring you have in mind, or the website link for the diamond ring you might have stumbled upon when surfing online. You can even upload a rough sketch of the ring to convey the design idea correctly.

You can select the metal for the ring from options like gold, silver, platinum, white gold, and so on. Then, you will have to select the right diamond for the ring. There are different shapes and types of diamonds available. Choose one from the list of stones given there. Then, you can go ahead and start working on the 3D design for the ring; there are options available for customizing the ring design according to your exact requirements. So, patiently try out each of these options until you get the ring design right.

Once the ring design is complete, check the price quote sent to your email. If everything is up to your satisfaction, place the order for the ring.

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