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When buying jewelry one must have a lot of prior knowledge of what one is buying. One of the jewelry items people purchase is diamonds engagement rings. As a reputable jeweler, Beverly Diamonds sizes have to be true to their size or they can get in trouble with consumers and regulators. One of the good parts about buying jewelry online is that most online jewelry retail stores will send you a free ring sizer. Beverly Diamonds sent us a ring sizer for free and let me tell you Beverly Diamonds sizes are pretty accurate.

0.73 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring and Band in an Elegant Halo Design SI H

I wanted to inquire with several other jewelers as well, to ensure that my ring will be made according to her proper ring size. We to a different jeweler other than Beverly Diamonds and requested that they size her finger, the beautiful sales lady got us a ring size and for some reason, the size was a little different that of Beverly Diamonds. My question after that visit to our jeweler was” Do we trust Beverly Diamonds Sizes or do we go to our local jeweler?

My answer came pretty quickly, after speaking to some family friends they told us that really every jeweler has their standard sizes of rings and some jewelers sizes can be a tad off when it comes to sizing. So they said that in fact, Beverly Diamonds sizes were not inaccurate it is just they were using their own sizing chart as do all jewelers. I was later advised to actually size my finger only where we will actually be making or diamond ring purchase. So my actual decision was made right after we got off the phone with Beverly Diamonds for the third time, they quite frankly gave us an unbeatable deal. We bout a 1 carat princess stone for only $2,000  and that included the 14k white gold ring and the free insured shipping. So at the end of the day, we definitely trust Beverly Diamonds sizes.

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