Beverly Diamonds Scam…NOT!

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My soon to be fiance and I had been shopping for engagement rings for a while, and I finally bought one on Saturday. We found the brick & mortar store we felt most comfortable with and after a couple trips she finally tried on a 1.1 carat diamond that she loved because it was big, and impulsively, I bought it. It was an F in color which was good, and it was I2, which I knew wasn’t so good, but didn”t pay too much attention since she”d already put it on and didn”t notice anything. After coming home with the GIA report I started to research all these strange new terms, unfortunately I wasn”t too pleased with what I found. We were never really into the scientific part of shopping for rings, we just went to the different stores in the mall to try some on. Beverly Diamonds scam…0.5 Carat princess cut diamond engagement ring SI H

After finding Beverly Diamonds, I found out about things like how important the cut is, and what makes the diamond actually sparkle and come to life. The diamond I had bought only had a GIA estimated cut grade of: Fair, the table % was in a good range, but the depth was at 69.4% which I quickly found out was not a good thing. I plugged everything into the Cut Adviser tool and it didn’t even want to register with it, and when I told it the depth was 68% it said the visual appeal was a 6.1. Some of these jewelers are such con artists, they charged me out the wazoo and gave me a crap stone. I’m so happy I found Beverly Diamonds. Seriously.

I went back to Beverly Diamonds today and actually did some real comparison shopping. I looked at the ring I had picked and could see a big black inclusion in the middle I didn’t even notice before. There’s no doubt in my mind after a couple weeks she would have probably been unhappy with the diamond, so I was glad I found Beverly Diamonds. I went back to the place where I bought the ring told them I wanted a full refund. I felt like I got screwed. I saw some people talking about a Beverly Diamonds scam, but this is the best website I’ve seen in a long time. They really saved me. I ended up getting a beautiful new ring and my fiance couldn’t be happier. I even ended up saving a good $150 on the purchase because they had an amazing deal. Beverly Diamonds scam my ass. I’d rather not bad mouth anyone, but that damn store was a scam.



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