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Across the world there are hundreds of thousands of children under the age of 18 who have been affected by arms conflicts. Boys and girls are forced to participate in armed combat. They are often injured or killed during these battles. Children are also used as spies, porters, and messengers. Commonly know as child soldiers. The majority of the problem is in Africa, where many different children as little as 8 years old have been involved in gunfire. Beverly Diamonds Online does not support these causes at all. This terrible problem also exists in Asian countries and in parts of Latin America however it is most common Africa.

Between the years of 1990-2003, Liberia had an extremely long civil war. Liberia had become a route for exporting diamonds to and fro Sierra Leon africa, back and forth, illegally of course. When the major civil war broke out in Liberia, that specific area was where diamonds were exported out of. As of 2008 there were over 200,000+ children used as various soldiers in the civil war. This war has been going on over a span of over 26 years. Children ages 8-18 have been used in all sorts of combat. Beverly Diamonds Online only uses conflict free diamonds in their jewelry. Many of these African villages are pillaged and raided, their family members are murdered, & children most commonly are rounded up for uses of war, by militia (a.k.a. rebels) the children end up becoming brain washed by these war lords. Many of the lucky senior fathers or older brothers which have not been killed, are forced to search for “blood diamonds” which is what helps finance this civil war that has been going on for years and years, paying for various weapons, and supplies.

Stopping the buying and trading of blood diamonds will essentially stop the civil war in Africa. These African children will get a chance to live a normal life and grow up in a stable environment with some sort of education and a loving family. This is why Beverly Diamonds Online supports and donates proceeds to the WFP so they can help the victims of war.

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