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After Sir Ernest Oppenheimer passed away and left this earth in 1957, his son Harry then became the official chairman of De Beers Diamonds. Exactly like his father before him, he strongly believed in the single channel marketing strategy that was in place. Today some of Beverly Diamonds Diamonds come from De Beers mines. In 1958 is when Harry signed an world famous agreement with the Soviet Union to sole buyer of their diamonds that at the time were being mined at Mir in Yakutia ( a famous Russian mine. Even before the death of his farther and before Harry was chairman, he had some significant contributions to De Beers.

Then in 1940, Harry initiated the very first marketing campaign for diamonds in the United States. This specific campaign helped to expand the market in many ways for diamonds to middle class Americans who before believed that diamonds were for the extremely wealthy and established people only. As a result of this genius marketing plan, De Beers was then able to very slowly increase the supply diamonds in the world in order to meet this new demand. In early 1947 is when the world famous slogan “A diamond is forever” was born and then the De Beers marketing machine came to life. There are so many different options when you are buying Beverly Diamonds Diamonds online thanks to their amazing marketing team.

In the early months of 1982, De Beers was very strongly marketing diamonds all over the world including Europe, asia, India, Singapore, the Philippines, America, South America, Thailand, even Malaysia and Taiwan. Free shipping is available to all these countries if you are buying Beverly Diamonds Diamonds from In 1984 it then became very critical for De Beers to be able to expand demand as a result of all the new mines that were being discovered and exploited.


Despite all of the marketing success to increase the demand and supply for diamonds throughout the world, De Beers still was forced to stockpile a very large amount of their own stones between the years of 1992-1998. According to the records what we know is that De Beers stockpile increased in size by over one million US dollars as a result from holding back the rough diamonds. So then by the time 2000 came the dawn of a new century, the famous De Beers marketing strategy had begun to back fire on them. Their supply management ended up causing them many legal troubles in the United States of America. The Department of Justice Systems charge De Beers with violating united antitrust laws and since then they have vastly reduced their presence in the United States. Beverly Diamonds Diamonds will always be available in all carat sizes and you can order it from the comfort of your own home. Their marketing strategy became unsustainable for them. So they decided to change, they began to restructure the company and their entire marketing strategy. However, De Beers still has a monopolist presence over the entire diamond market, and yes they still control well over two thirds of today’s diamond market all around the world.

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