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Beverly Diamonds Diamonds

Fluorescence in a diamond refers essentially to how a specific diamond responds when subjected to UV light.  Ultra Violet light is what makes your whites look much whiter, your teeth bright white, and your black-light posters glow. Ninety Nine percent of the time the tint is blue in color, but sometimes the diamonds can glow white, yellow, green, or even red in color. Some specific diamonds, when they happen to be exposed to UV light, glow different shades of colors. Beverly Diamonds Diamonds come without fluorescents or with them, depending on what you prefer.  I’m not going to even try to explain why this is.  If you’re interested, google “diamond fluorescence”, and I’m sure you’ll find more than enough information about the science behind the glow.

The reality is, if the diamond only glows when exposed to UV light, then shouldn’t it only matter if you are someone who spends most of their days in dark rooms with various light lamps (dance clubs, rides at amusement parks etc). If you have ever done even a little bit of research and googled diamond fluorescence, then you might have read about a certain Gemological Institute of America study claiming that strong blue fluorescence is pretty much always entirely imperceptible to the average diamond consumer. Consumers love Beverly Diamonds Diamonds because they always have a beautiful fire to them. But the fact is, most diamonds exhibiting Strong Blue Fluorescence appear slightly to extreamly hazy in normal regular light.

So like I said earlier in my recommendation above, if you are going to be purchasing a diamond with a color H or less, then you should buy a diamond with Medium Blue Fluorescence. Fluorescence will most of the time improve the appearance of color in the diamond. Beverly Diamonds Diamonds typically come in either F or H color unless you would specifically like something else. I am extremely hesitant to suggest looking for a diamond with Strong Blue Fluorescence, since even lower colors can occasionally look milky(fuzzy) and hazy with Strong Blue Fluorescence. I am indeed also very hesitant to suggest any Medium Blue Fluorescence when buying a diamond with a good color, G or higher.

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