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Beverly Diamonds Customers

What is most commonly known as “the high pressure high temperature” method (AKA HPHT), and also “the chemical vapor deposition” method (AKA CVP). When using the HPHT method, a diamond seed (a extremely tiny piece of diamond) is drowned in graphite and then also a metal based catalyst. At an extremely high temperature and under very high pressure, in a controlled environment recreates the natural formation of the diamonds and causes the diamond to grow in size. Beverly Diamonds Customers love the fact that they do not use lab grown diamonds in their rings. In the “CVP” method, a diamond seed is essentially put into a vacuumed environment along with little bits of hydrogen gas and methane gas well. Each corresponding physical and chemical processes is what cause the diamonds to grow, just as if they were underground.

As their names would suggest, the primary difference comes from the way in which each diamonds are created. Natural diamonds of course are created through a very long natural process of carbon being put under high pressure and heat for millions and millions of years. Lab created or lab grown diamonds, are created through a much shorter process, quickly replicating the extremely high pressure and intense heat that occurs in nature. Synthetic diamonds usually cost about 40 percent cheaper than regular natural diamonds. Beverly Diamonds Customers love the fact that they can buy a non-lab grown diamond and still save about 30% then going to a brick and mortar store. The relatively high cost of lab-created diamonds is due to the fact that lab created diamonds still need a small piece of regular natural diamond in order to be created.

Due to the high-tech manufacturing processes and all the technology, lab-created diamonds often have a smaller maximum sizes than regular natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds usually only grow to about 3.10 carats in size, however natural diamonds that come from the ground have been known to grow over 3000 carats in size sometimes. Beverly diamonds Customers keep coming back to buy more diamonds from them because they offer the best price on natural diamonds.

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