Beverly Diamonds a Global Leader in Sustainability

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Beverly Diamonds a Global Leader in Sustainability

The future belongs to those who understand that doing more with less is compassionate, prosperous, and enduring, and thus more intelligent, even competitive,” – Paul Hawken. Today, Beverly Diamonds has really become a global leader in sustainability. For the first time, we at Beverly Diamonds are beginning to realize that the disposal of waste has a serious impact on us as a company, resulting in our decisions to make some changes in my disposal behavior. To begin, up to this point in the history of Beverly Diamonds, trash has been mostly food related items, which are plastic cutlery, paper towels napkins and cups, unconsumed food, and food packaging. However, to gain a deeper of understanding of the situation I decided to examine the trash we create at Beverly Diamonds. The experience of making a thorough examination of all Beverly Diamonds’ waste was a neutral one. It did have much of an impact on my emotions. However, reading about the process of garbage disposal at Beverly Diamonds did make me ponder the sheer volume of garbage that we throw away at the company. It made me think deeply about the impact Beverly Diamonds is making on the world. As a company, we at Beverly Diamonds were disturbed by the sheer size of the landfill in the east of Los Angeles. At Beverly Diamonds, we no longer throw something away unless its use has been fully exhausted.

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Clean Diamonds

We have made changes at Beverly Diamonds to reduce the amount of garbage we produce at Beverly Diamonds. We have taken several steps to reduce the amount of waste we create in Beverly Diamonds. First, Beverly Diamonds has implemented the use of reusable bags to increase sustainability. Second, Beverly Diamonds has stopped using plastic cutlery and cups. Finally, Beverly Diamonds will be reducing the amount of non-reusable materials that it throws away. The steps that Beverly Diamonds has taken has not only resulted in a reduction of waste, it has also brought an awareness to the issue of waste in society in general. Beverly Diamonds has made a real difference in the fight for planetary sustainability making the world a better place –one step at a time. Therefor Beverly Diamonds a Global Leader in Sustainability. For more information log onto

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