Benefits of Buying From Beverly Diamonds

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Benefits of Buying From Beverly Diamonds

What are the benefits of buying from Beverly Diamonds? A big company like Beverly Diamonds can offer a lot of options when purchasing fine jewelry off their website. Beverly Diamonds is known for their very affordable and outstanding quality jewelry. If you are in search of a cheap but excellent ring, this is the place to be.

Many things must be considered when purchasing jewelry, and one of the major consideration is the style of the ring. One of the benefits of buying from Beverly Diamonds is not only the availability of hundreds of designs to choose from but also the ability to customize a ring. They are able to give you a ring that you like if the design you wanted is not in their list of designs. Another thing would be the very competitive pricing. The jewelry they have are manufactured from their facility in Downtown Los Angeles, and having the ability to do that gives them the opportunity to pass the savings to the consumers.

Beverly Diamonds also have multiple payment options. They accept payments from debit or credit card to PayPal. They even have a few financing options you can apply for and the application can be done online through their website. The process is to select a ring and add it to your cart. After that, you can go to the shopping bag, click the Financing button and you can access the application there. And, if you are not in a rush in getting a ring but instead want to put it in installments, their layaway plan will be perfect for you. Initially, you pay a down payment when putting an item on layaway. They will give you 12months to finish the payments for the product without charging any interest. Their professional staff will assist you with putting the order in place. A truly amazing benefit if you buy from Beverly Diamonds.

Another great thing about Beverly Diamonds is their very informative website. For a consumer with limited knowledge about diamonds, the education page can give so many information that will help. And their 30-day money back guarantee is another thing that catches a buyer’s interest. Basically, if you did not like the ring you received, you can send it back to them. They will refund your money 100% on most items. Be sure to check their return policy here to know all the details –

These are just a few of the many benefits of buying from Beverly Diamonds. If you are ready to shop, visit them online at And if you are in need of more information and assistance, you may email them at or call them at 1-855-456-8334.

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