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If you are looking for some rarest varieties of diamonds, then do check out fancy green diamonds. It is one of the most exquisite gemstones and is rarely found in diamond stores. However, if you get hold of one, be rest assured that these diamonds are considered the perfect investment to cherish for life.

Fancy green diamonds come in a wide range of shapes. You can find these diamonds in different cuts Like Princess, Round, Cushion, and Radiant. Therefore, you will be able to find the desired shape without any troubles. Now, for buying such elite and rare diamonds, you will have to look for some trust online diamond stores like the Beverly Diamonds.

Experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell say that you will find a wide range of diamonds at their online store. As no customers have made any Beverly Diamonds complaints, you can make your purchases without fear from this reputed seller. It is interesting to note that Beverly Diamonds sell only certified diamonds, and therefore, you have no place to doubt the purity of the fancy colored diamonds purchased from this store.

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According to the experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, these green diamonds get their hue naturally due to reactions with radioactive minerals. This natural hue is attained over millions of years and due to the rarity of these diamonds, and that is why, they are one of the most expensive diamonds. The radiation does not affect the entire station though, and you will find green coloration only on the surface of these diamonds, or sometimes in patches over it.

The green hue found over these diamonds disappears when they are faceted. Therefore, you may only rarely find a fancy green diamond that would still be vibrant green in color after it is cut or polished. In addition to the green shade, you will also find secondary tints in these fancy diamonds. The most common secondary hue you will find is yellowish green. Chameleon diamond is an example of green diamond with secondary hue.

No matter which diamond you wish for, you can find it at Beverly Diamonds. Since this online store is free from any Beverly Diamonds complaints, you can make your purchases with full faith. They have been selling high quality diamonds for the past many years and their top standing speaks the rest aloud.

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